A harrowing yet loving survivor profile and psychological study.
Honest, brutal, personal--it's unlike any documentary you've ever seen before.

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"Incest is rape by extortion. Thus the child's very childhood becomes a weapon used to control her."
- E. Sue Blume, Secret Survivors


It is the only tool through which we will understand the mindset of someone who has quite literally been through hell -- years of abuse followed by denial and cover-up by those who surrounded her.

This is not the story of what happened. This is the story of who she is now -- and will be in the future.

Why We Are Making It

Vijay Rajan

I want this film to be achingly real to the women who are undergoing or underwent the trials this film portrays -- and also to the men who love those women. The film will only end in triumph if Elisabeth finds her way to hope and healing. It is a scary road with only one guarantee: honesty.

Elisabeth K.

I want this film to shed light on the fact that incest rape is very much a horrible reality for many women, happening more often than many realize. I hope sharing my story will be a catalyst for women who are also suffering, an insight for the men they are dating, and a healing step for many.


I believe the empathetic truth of this film will help raise awareness of the shattering effects of rape and incest that too many endure. Through voice we can begin to actively fight this silent but ever present epidemic and promote a realistic discussion to help many overcome their abuse. We are honored to be a part of this documentary.


"People say the sirens are dangerous. Perhaps. Listen to their song anyway."

Vijay Rajan

Director / Producer / Featured

"Stephen King said if you want to create, go deep and take fair salvage. Don't be afraid to bleed for art."

Elisabeth K.

Producer / Featured

"Learn from history, from the geniuses that have gone before. Stand on their shoulders to create."

Oscar Arguello


"It is not forever, but it is in-between. This is where we find the most of our meaning."


Original Score & Soundtrack


We are almost done production but are now in need of more funding to finish! All donations are tax-deductible and go through Moving Train, a major nonprofit who has chosen to support us. Please donate whatever you can so that this important documentary can be completed. Thank you.

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." - Jonathan Swift




{... Let's get editing! ...}

Follow along with the timeline of the making of our film

So much has changed since we began this film. Elisabeth is now back in college studying to become a geneticist. Vijay is excited to be able to interview Neil Gaiman on-stage during Cinequest Film Festival 24 -- a man the team met during the Indiegogo campaign for Journey Through Fire. And the documentary footage has all been organized and put together and is ready to be edited! During this season of gratitude, to all of you who have supported us these many years, we're getting there. And thank you.

The intelligent and hard-working Jessie Warren is hired to be the editor for our film. She will be an undeniable asset to Journey Through Fire and will bring a new perspective. For her, the biggest message of the film to survivors is, "Fear not for you are not alone." Vijay is excited to work side-by-side with Jessie as we enter the home-stretch of the production process.

IndieGogo Campaign ends. We raised $6,171. Every little bit counts. We were thrilled to have 123 funders come out of the Internet ether and support us! Among those supporters -- best-selling novelist Neil Gaiman and recording artist Voltaire. Elisabeth says having the support of general members of the public really means so much to her.

Moving Train, a groundbreaking nonprofit organization designed to help great documentaries secure funding, finish successfully, and distribute to the world, has chosen to back "Journey Through Fire." This means that we are now capable of taking in donations that are tax-deductible! Please donate whatever amount you can to help us finish this incredible film. We are honored to see the increasing support garnered for the film!

Several prominent documentary filmmakers have agreed to serve as mentors for "Journey Through Fire." They will speak in support of the film and guide the edit and distribution. They are: Kurt Kuenne, the director of "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father"; Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina, co-directors of "Dying to Do Letterman"; and Don Hardy and Dana Nachman, co-directors of "Witch Hunt," "Love Hate Love," and "The Human Experiment." The "Journey Through Fire" team is thrilled to have such amazing talent onboard and guiding the filmmaking process.

i:Scintilla begins work today on the original score for "Journey Through Fire". Lead singer Brittany Bindrim sounded excited as she spoke with Elisabeth about the prospects. Jim Cookas wants to go for a Reznor-esque, minimalist, moody, and ambient soundscape for the film. The band, based out of Chicago, IL, agreed last month to provide the entire original score for the film. The film's trailer already makes use of their song "The Shake." The film's executive producers are ecstatic at the band's involvement. Fans of i:Scintilla from all over the world will be able to hear brand-new music and songs scored for the film.

Siren Song Creations officially announces that they are in production on the documentary feature "Journey Through Fire." The film is the harrowing story of Elisabeth K. and the trials she underwent as a child. It sheds light on such frightening and infrequently discussed topics as incest, rape, neglect, and recovery, and does so with brutal honesty. Vijay Rajan will serve as an executive producer. He will also be doing the interviewing as well as the cinematography. Oscar Arguello and Elisabeth will both serve as producers.

The first official poster for the documentary film "Journey Through Fire" has been made public. The poster prominently uses a quote from E. Sue Blume, author of Secret Survivors: Uncovering Incest and Its Aftereffects in Women. The website for the film was inaugurated. The first footage from the film and the first preview trailer have been released.


Join us on this Journey Through Fire